“As Internet retailing evolves, online brand positioning strategies must anticipate and capitalize upon new opportunities.”


Aggressively Managing Your Brand into the Future

The Internet channel will continue experience rapid growth, but at an ever accelerating rate.  We are not yet in the Internet age, but only at the dawn.  What appear as isolated brand equity disturbances today, will manifest themselves into near-death crisis for unsophisticated retailers, licensees, and brand owners tomorrow.

The Brandoogle solutions team understands how social and technological changes impact consumer behavior and recognizes the threats and opportunities that these evolutions present.

Brands are living, breathing, beings and each brand goes through a rather predictable lifecycle of emergence, growth, maturity, and decline.  At each stage in the lifecycle, the brand needs to be protected in order to flourish.  The Brandoogle team works with clients to identify areas of risk at each stage of the brand lifecycle and then develops defensive strategies to mitigate against these risks.

Brandoogle partners with the client’s cross functional teams of brand managers, marketing, sales, procurement, planning, and IT to ensure that the defensive strategies that have been developed are holistic in nature and dovetail well with brand promotional efforts.

Maintaining a desirable online image for the brand is an on-going task, not unlike counter-intelligence.  Just as governments have intelligence and counter intelligence services, brand managers must continue to build the equity of their brands while minimizing risk exposure from those who would diminish hard-won brand equity.

Our goal is to help make our clients self-sufficient at online brand maintenance by providing the resources and the road map to sustainable success.



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