Brand Wholesalers

Brand Wholesalers Must Control Their Online Product Flow

Brand Wholesalers who fail to control their product flow to the online marketplace run the risk of alienating their retail accounts.  While these new online sales may seem incremental, these sales are in fact, transitional sales from traditional retailers.

While some estimates have placed Internet sales as high as $135 billion last year, this only represents 8% of all retail sales.  No brand wholesalers can afford to risk alienating their retail partners.  By the same token, they would be very unwise to offend their brand owner.

By employing our proprietary software, Brandoogle identifies which web sites are presenting clients branded product online and then determines which sites are most harmful to the brand.  From there, we partner with brand wholesalers to map the flow of goods from point of manufacture to the websites that are most destructive to the brand.  Brand Wholesalers armed with this knowledge will be much more likely to steer products away from sales channels that hurt the brand.  They will also restore confidence in both retailers and brand owners that their branded products are appropriately positioned online.



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