Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Please check back often as we update the page with new questions.

Why use Brandoogle when I can do it in-house?

You absolutely can do it in-house, but is this the best use of your resources? Brandoogle accomplishes what you could do in house in a fraction of the time, and with a much more thorough effect. If you outsource landscaping and business card printing, because they are not your core competencies, should you really be surfing the web looking for your product on gray market sites?

How long will it take to clear up my gray market?

It will depend on how pervasive the gray market is for your product and how committed you are to stemming the flow of goods to the gray market. The gray market will subside, as the supply of goods to the gray market dries up.

Will Brandoogle shut down every offending website?

Absolutely not. Gray markets exist as a result of market inefficiencies. Our goal is to help our clients control the flow of goods to websites that do not share the ideals of our client’s brands. As long as there is a supply of inventory for gray markets, regardless of brand, these websites will continue to be a part of the internet landscape.

Isn’t Brandoogle just a thinly veiled attempt to engage in price fixing?

Not at all. A brand’s long term health and relevance to consumers is not about price. Relevance to a consumer is about connecting the ideals of the brand to ideals espoused by consumers. There are very few high end brands that would wish to be presented at discount retailers even if they were presented at full price. Discount retail outlets aren’t consistent with the ideals of the brand, and dilute the sense of exclusivity that is the mainstay of brand integrity over the longer term.



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