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Preserving Brand Equity Online

Brand equity is being destroyed online at an alarming rate. While the internet has proven to be a bonanza for brand conscious, price sensitive, consumers, it poses a significant threat to the sustainability of several existing brand-centric business models: Retailers, Brand Wholesalers, and Brand Owners. By providing the right combination of tools and services, Brandoogle helps brand-centric organizations “align brands online.” Online brand presence is aligned with the ideals of the brand. Each of the three business models suffers differently from the unregulated internet marketplace, but by working independently and collaboratively, retailers, licensees, and brand owners can restore the hard won brand equity that has been eroded over the last several years. Brandoogle offers a combination of software, services, and solutions that benefit each business model.

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Brandoogle has identified several retail categories with a high showrooming risk.
Apparel and Accessories
Health and Beauty
Housewares and Home Decor
Sporting Goods
Auto Parts
Computers and Computer Parts
Consumer Electronics
Home Improvement
Office Supplies
Toys and Hobbies

Restoring brand equity online is a team sport. Successful outcomes are a function of how committed our clients are to partnering with Brandoogle. Brandoogle is not a silver bullet. Brandoogle provides tools, services, and strategic direction, but ultimately, it is up to the client to make the necessary changes to halt the flow of goods to websites that erode brand equity. It is the goal of Brandoogle to make each client self-sufficient in maintaining a healthy, positive, online presence over the long term.  Try-Free-Demo