“Our proprietary software produces results in seconds, not months.”
A Road Map to Equity Recovery

The sophisticated algorithms Brandoogle deploys “scrape” the web for a given data set of SKUs. Within minutes, Brandoogle can identify:
– How many, and which sites each SKU is presented;
– The range of prices for each SKU; and,
– The website with the highest number of SKU’s within the data set.

This knowledge allows us to create a road map for re-establishing brand integrity online.  We work from this vantage point to identify the websites and licensees/vendors that are most destructive to brand equity.  Our research team partners with our clients to leverage the data provided by the software to map the flow of goods from manufacturer to problem websites.

Tackling one problem website at a time is the metaphorical equivalent of trying to mow a lawn with kitchen scissors.  Most companies have neither the time, nor the resources, nor the expertise, to dedicate to ferreting out websites that threaten the integrity of their brands.  Brandoogle exists precisely to fill this void.



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