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Brandoogle strives to provide the very best guidance possible to help brand-centric organizations navigate the myriad of options available to restoring online brand equity.  We are not, however, qualified to offer legal advice.  In those situations where we believe a legal remedy is required, we partner with several organizations that specialize in internet and copyright law.  This is their area of expertise and we are proud to offer our clients their services.



MAP – Price Management


Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies are a great way to help prevent the erosion of brand equity due to deep discounting on-line.  However they are not the only tool available to brand wholesalers to remedy the problem.  In fact, a poorly designed, haphazardly implemented, and inconsistently applied MAP program can land an organization in a legal quagmire.

MAP policies in isolation will not solve a deep discounting problem. MAP policies are just one part of the complex mosaic of sound pricing management.

Before determining which method is most appropriate for reducing steep discounting on-line, it’s imperative that the organization evaluate the root causes of the problem.  A solid understanding of the underlying business practices that are driving deep discounting will be the key to developing a comprehensive and lasting solution.  Brandoogle uses a combination of quantitative, and qualitative measures to determine the underlying causes of deep discounting, and then develops metrics to measure the efficacy of solutions.

Sound pricing management policies, whether they include an MAP or not, should be guided by qualified legal counsel.

Gene Zelek of Freeborn, is a JD/MBA who has worked as a brand manager for a fortune 500 company.  With over thirty years of experience in pricing management both in industry as well as legal counsel, Mr. Zelek has created an excellent primer for understanding the legal issues that surround MAP/pricing management in an easy to read format.  Please feel free to download this outstanding resource or connect directly with Mr. Zelek.