“Knowing where product is presented online wins the battle, knowing how it got there wins the war.”
A Multi-Dimensional Methodology

Every client’s situation is slightly different, but in all cases the fundamentals of the challenge remain the same. The brand is not represented online as desired.  Brandoogle partners with clients and engages in a 3-step systematic approach to remediating their particular situation.

1.  We Search and Measure We scrape the web to identify brand destructive web sites, develop a risk profile for the client, and produce quantitative measures of how over exposed the brand or products really are.

2.  We Map We map the flow of goods from the manufacturer to the most brand destructive web sites.

3.  We ResolveWe recommend strategies to lessen the client’s risk exposure from brand destructive web sites.

As each situation is different, both in breadth and complexity, the tools we deploy to drive resolution vary in breadth and complexity. Some situations are relatively easier to remediate while others require diligent research, analysis, and even the use of legal enforcement.