The Great Showrooming Showdown

That right. It’s coming. Showrooming is no longer just a minor business nuisance, it’s becoming a life altering change in the lives of traditional brick and mortar retailers. And they’re not taking this change sitting down. They’re coming out swinging. Brands that are involved in Showrooming will be shown the door by their top retail accounts.
Are you prepared for the showdown?
We’re all aware of the relatively recent change in pricing transparency that the internet has brought to the lives of consumers. They can now go into retail stores, evaluate products, and from the leisure and comfort of their own home (or mobile phone) purchase the desired product for 40% off what they would have paid at retail, on-line. Great for consumers, bad for retailers and brands.
Retailers, by and large, have had some difficulty understanding the role that they play in the consumer buying experience since the advent of the internet. Many thought originally that it was just a novelty, and were slow to develop, and dedicate resources to managing this channel. Things have changed. Traditional Brick and mortar retailers now have a much better understanding of the web, and the opportunities and challenges it presents.
Showrooming is perhaps the single greatest threat most retailers have experienced in a generation. Not since the advent of the Yellow Pages “Let your fingers do the walking” tag line that encouraged consumers to call stores for the best pricing, have retailer seen such a dramatic change in consumer buying patterns. Fingers are still doing the walking, but that’s about the only thing that has remained the same.
Retailers know that the key to their survival in this new age, is to understand the impact “Showrooming” is having on their business, and then taking actions to address it. In the not so distant future, retailers will determine which brands, and products, they are being showroomed on, and those brands will no longer be welcome in the store’s assortment.
If you are a brand or a retailer that doesn’t fully understand the extent of showrooming within your business, finding a trusted partner to help you measure this problem is the first step in addressing the problem.
The Great Showrooming Showdown is coming. Are you prepared?

Brandoogle is a Showrooming Solutions Company. We help brands and retailers understand, measure and manage their showrooming risk exposure. Software, Services, Solutions…We’re here to help.

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